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We are a network of pre-dental students dedicated to helping each other achieve success in our future dental careers. Get involved on your pre-dental journey!

About Us

Bright Future Dentists (BFD), a student-led initiative, is a pre-dental student community that originated at York University with the goal of guiding students preparing to enter the field of dentistry. Our hope is to enable pre-dental students to succeed on their path to dentistry through our various events, and the information we provide them.





Our mission is to make Bright Future Dentists a platform that supports students who want to be more informed about dentistry, gain connections, or prepare to apply and attend dental school. To do so we provide information and events geared towards networking, career path insight, extracurricular opportunities (shadowing and volunteering), academic tips, and dental-related news. ​

Between us undergrads, we are an information hub where students come to share the information they acquired to make everyone's lives easier! Our team helps in developing leadership skills in our members to allow them to grow and become strong leaders within their communities. 

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